Educational Kids Games Are Fun

Are you looking to sharpen your child’s mental skills? Education does not have to be boring in order to learn. There is a vast array of educational kids’ games on today’s market that will help sharpen your child’s skills whether it is math, English, science or geography. Here are a few games that your child is sure to enjoy:1. Hot Spot: The game pieces in Hot Spot are built like robots, and the game suggests that robots move only in straight lines. The goal of the game is to make sure the red robot gets to the ‘hot spot’ located on one corner of the playing board. The child has to think of the most economical way to get to that red spot on the board.2. Pete’s Pike is another educational kid’s game in which Pete has to find his way to the top of a mountain peak covered with snow. There are five mountain goats which help Pete along the way. If Pete makes a mistake, he will fall off the edge of the mountain. The child must use his or her thinking skills in order to help Pete reach the mountaintop.3. In this educational kid’s game called Cover Your Tracks, different terrains are given to your child in order to test his or her thinking skills. Some of the terrains are sand, cement, mud and snow.4. As the name suggests, Treasure Quest lets you go on a treasure hunt. When the child finds it, he or she has to escape with it through ancient Aztec ruins. There are many dangerous pathway and dead-ends which will try to confuse your child.The game of ‘War’ can get a new mathematical twist and be turned into Math War. In this version of the game, have each person lay down two cards, and let the child with the highest sum win. This game can be easily adaptable to whatever math skill your child happens to be working on.Some of the most familiar board games can be educational kids’ games without you even realizing it. The following games can be great for reinforcing concepts that are hard to grasp:Battleship – this can help your child find coordinates on maps and graphsCandyland – this game is useful for identifying colorsScrabble – this game reinforces spelling and vocabulary skillsMonopoly – this game reinforces the concept of money(have your child be the banker)Yahtzee – this game will help reinforce addition and counting skillsClue – this fun game can help the child grasp the concept of story problemsYou can also be on the lookout for educational kids’ games that focus on special skills that your child may be struggling with. These include:’WH’ Bingo – this game stresses the concepts of who, when, what, where and whyMoneywise Kids – this game reinforces the concept of saving money and making changeSmath – this educational kid’s game is the math version of ScrabbleThere are a multitude of educational kids’ games available at reasonable prices. Just do a Google search and you will find plenty of variety to choose from.